You Only Get One Brain, Keep It Healthy!

by Tim | Last Updated: September 30, 2020

For me, brain function and health are personal. My grandmother developed Alzheimer’s later in her life and we saw first hand how it affected her. We were spared the more severe symptoms sometimes seen in others, but we did have to move her to a personal care home to make sure that her needs were met.​​

It’s important to keep our brains sharp, and it can be scary when we notice a decline. The littlest thing can make us feel like we’re “losing it”. But it’s important to not overreact, but be proactive, and know the true signs. I mean, who hasn’t forgotten where they park the car once in a while, or gone to the fridge and wondered why you did?

Take stock and check out these 5 proven ways to boost your memory.

Should you be worried about forgetting where you parked the car? Maybe, but maybe not!​

Waistline Now

Winter is fast approaching and for many of us, that means a little extra girth in the midsection. If you’re worried about it, and you want to avoid it this winter, basically, it comes down to a few simple rules. Here’s the lowdown to avoid the winter weight gain.

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Get your winks
  3. Do some exercise
  4. Keep active throughout the day
  5. Make your food (avoid take out)
  6. Cut back on the booze
  7. Keep your mind as worry-free as possible​

How well do you sleep? I recently stumbled across this and had to try it. I’m a notoriously bad sleeper, so this made me curious. Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes. Not sure I actually fall asleep in 2 minutes, but I sure do relax quickly when I use this technique.

Wealth Now

I’ve been fascinated with Startups lately and love reading about the beginnings of successful companies. Maybe that’s because as I wind down my current career as an educator in the public school system, I am focused on what my retirement will look like. I do know that it will involve working – I want to work for myself building something that I can be proud of.

What does it take to make a startup successful – Startup Nation recently covered 10 common traits of the most successful entrepreneurs.

So as I plan now for the future, I sometimes feel like I’m too old to pivot into a business life after working for the past 30 years as an educator. Wired shows that most successful startups are created by middle-aged people. I love the inspiration!​​

Wisdom Now

How much does the average person read each day? I was a little reluctant to actually answer this (even in my own head) because I thought that it might actually be a lot lower than I thought. I’m not sure how much time I actually spend reading, but I do know that it’s way above the average. The bottom line though is that reading is the best way to develop your personal growth. Find out what the average is.​

GenX Now and Then

If you’re Canadian – and a wrestling fan when you were young – you likely watched Stampede Wrestling on Saturday afternoons. At the end of every show, Ed Whelan announced, “In the meantime, and in-between time, this has been another edition of Stampede Wrestling”

​Stay awesome this Week.