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by Tim | Last Updated: September 22, 2020

Mindset is one of the things that you can control, even if you don’t have a growth mindset to begin with, you can cultivate one with the proper thoughts.

Approaching retirement seems to be the best time to cultivate, or adopt the growth mindset. It can apply to everything in your life, and make your life more enjoyable, and meaningful.

So, how do we achieve the Growth Mindset? In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck shows how mindset works in every part of our lives, and at the end of the book, leads us into a workshop into the steps we can use to change a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

The growth mindset is the key to looking at the world as a positive place that can always be improved, instead of focusing on negativity that weighs us down.

It’s worth a look, and as an educator, I really strive to embrace this concept in my daily life, and into the future of my retirement. I’ve seen too many colleagues retire and disappear, and look like they’ve aged 20 years in one year!

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Waistline Now: “To drink, or not to drink, that is the question?”​

There always seems to be debate over the benefits and risks of drinking alcohol. That said, the debate never really seems to affect the tendencies we have for our alcohol consumption.

So then, the focus shouldn’t really be on whether or not we should drink – some of us will drink lots, some a little, and some not at all. The focus needs to be where you fit in, and what the effects may be on you now and for the future.

There has always been an understanding that moderate drinking is ok. But depending on your age, sex, and other factors, that may not be the case.

“For a 60-year-old man, a drink a day may offer protection against heart disease that is likely to outweigh potential harm (assuming he isn’t prone to alcoholism).” – Harvard College

Is Wine Fine, or is Beer Better – There really hasn’t been a debate. Red wine seems to have the “benefit of the doubt” but is it really that much better. Seems that the old standard of 1-2 drinks a day for men and up to 1 drink a day for women seems to be best for the old ticker. So keep enjoying your beverage of choice in moderation, and with binging.

Remember to do a little exercise – maybe not after your drink – every day to stay healthy for body and mind. Here are 25 easy exercises that can be part of your routine.

Wealth Now

​Wake up every morning to the alarm clock warning, and take the short walk down the hallway. Doesn’t quite ring the same as the classic Bachman Turner Overdrive tune, but that’s the way it’s been for a lot of workers in the time of COVID.

​Skip the emails for the first little bit and do these 10 things to start your extremely productive day.

For those of us who are working from home, look at these 7 tried and true secrets for a productive home office.

​​90% of top performers are also high in emotional intelligence: Take a look at the massive benefits of boosting your emotional intelligence.​

Don’t let 2020 pass you by, here are smart money tips for 2020: Choose the ones that apply to your personal situation. Remember we’re all at different places in our lives.

Wisdom Now

​Are Brain Training Websites Useless? Well, the science is contradictory, but in the end, the evidence suggests that while they may not actually have real significance, they won’t hurt. The real brain benefits come when you do something tangible like learn a new language or learn to play a musical instrument.

​​I’ve been meaning to learn a new language, but I keep putting it off. Check out these 5 benefits of procrastination that you may not know.

Netflix and Chill sounds like it should be getting a little downtime, however, it means something entirely different to the millennial crowd. Either way, it’s not the best way to get a little downtime, and we all need a little downtime for our best wise lives. This article shows you some ways that you can actually get some essential downtime that will benefit your brain.​​

GenXNow: and Then

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Taking Care of Business – A lot of Gen Xers were just babies when this classic was released, but it was an anthem of sorts for the working man!​

Stay awesome this Week.