How I Built A Fully Functioning Online Store in 1 Hour (Complete Instructions)

by Tim | Last Updated: February 10, 2021
build an online store in 1 hour

I recently found an amazingly easy tool that can be used to build websites using Google Sheets to manage the content.

This was revolutionary in my mind. I’ve dabbled with other tools, and plugins and found them to be overwhelming, to say the least. So without further adieu, let’s create an online store that sells custom made posters. The content you sell could literally be anything, this just happens to be the actual store that I built.

Take a look here to see the Custom Made Poster Store .

Step 9 – Market Your Products and Make Some Sales

Once your process is set up – test it out.

My recommendation is to add a product for $1.00 and go through the process of buying it for yourself.

Once you have it nailed down, you can start letting people know you have an online store.

Make sales and have fun!!

The owner of the Online Poster store in this example did a contest on Instagram for a couple days and made about 15 sales. Off to a good start!!

If you want me to set up a store for you feel free to contact me.